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  • he whole battery is fully charged Green. When the indicator light of the charger, green light, is off, it means that it is fully charged
  • Pay attention to the use time: do not use it for more than 10 seconds each time. Use it for 3 times continuously. Take 20-30 seconds to cool down the instrument. Prevent it from burning out due to high temperature

The salejammer produces a high-frequency electromagnetic wave field. An energy-saving lamp around the generator induces electromagnetic waves and generates an electric current. When the electric energy is sufficient, the bulb will light up.

PS: There is no guarantee that the energy-saving lamp will work. If it is on, it proves that the meter is working.receive points or coin, the game machine will automatically divide or coin



  • Intermittent work (one click). Cannot work continuously.
  • Try more machine location.

Test Before Use:
The salejammer Produces can light up an efficient bulb without power on. When the instrument is close to the luminous tube part of the lamp, and the lamp will light up, indicating that the quality of the instrument is good. It can be used for related tests. Do not touch the transmitter power coil of the instrument, otherwise the power will be reduced and affect the use of the instrument.

EMP jammer can interfere with a variety of electronic equipment, which is known to all.Here we talk about how EMP pulse interferer works on slot machine

Function 1:Add Score on slot machines or any other table games machine ,Pulse jammer powerful pulse energy can interfere with the level signal of the circuit to Add score from coin slot ,card reader ,Banknote machine

Function 2:Make you easy to win, easy to kill big fish, make slot machines easy to win money,Using different chips to make different styles of EMP pulse jammer can send out different frequencies. Some special frequencies can interfere with the main board program of slot machines and fish machines, causing the misjudgment of the main board, and it will make you win money like crazy (which frequency is useful to you, no one knows, only you try it yourself)

How to use EMP pulse jammer

First of all, you have to make sure that the EMP pulse jamming signal can enter slot machines, fish machines and other equipment,There are a lot of places where interference can get into the mainframe:

1.Metal remote control rod through fish machine 2.Slot coin 3.card reader 4.screen 5.horn You can try to find new ways

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